How do I use the patterns?

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can use these patterns once you’ve unlocked Able Sisters. In the store, you can download custom patterns using the Customs Designs Kiosk. We’ve also written a detailed guide on how to use the design codes.

What can I customize in-game?

There are many items that you can customize in-game. To check if an item is customizable, head over to a DIY Workbench and say “Customize something.” This will open your pockets and show you which items you are holding right now that can be customized. We’ve also created a page where you can check a list of Customizable Items. Make sure to grab some Customization kits from Timmy and Tommy!

Do you give credit or name your source?

As artists ourselves, we know how important giving credit is. We take the time to make sure that we provide the proper credit to all designs. If we can’t find it, or we do not have permission, we do not publish. If you see an error with a source, please send us an email and we’ll correct it right away.

Can you take down my design?

We do our best to feature only designs that have been made public or ask permission. If you see your pattern or design on our website and would prefer it be taken down, please send us an email.